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Apartment in Denia golf for sale

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Real Estate consultants & lawyers

Realtors associated - Deniacasas is managed by a legal firm in order to give the maximum guarantee in all our transactions. Our team of real estate consultants, suveyors and lawyers work in synergy to offer you an integral, efficient and personal service so you can sell, build or buy your property with complete confidence removing any possible risks. We are a multilingual company with more than 30 years of experience in property purchase intermediation. We handle the administrative procedures of individuals, professionals and companies.

The quickest and safest way to buy, build or sell a propertyWe are members of the Local Association of real estate agencies MLS DeniaRealtor®. We are enforced to act within a guidelines and respect professional ethics.








Buyer. We have exclusive properties that are not on any web page, these are knowed as Off-market properties.

Consider hiring an exclusive BUYERS AGENT service, who is an agent with local expertise that will be working only for you. A buyer´s agent is able to show you all the properties on sale in the Denia region, arranging viewings with seller´s agents in the Denia region, this has no cost for the buyer and avoids confusion, legwork, stress, duplicated viewings, saving you time and money.  

You probably have a short list of properties you want to view, but photos and reality differ greatly and internet can be a mess with many sold properties that are still published, so 7 out of 10 buyers finally buy a property that a local agent shows them. 

Keep in mind that if you spend a day viewing properties with an agent at the end of the day he knows what you like and what you need so he/she knows what to show you the next day. But if you start the next day with a different agent, you will be always at the starting point.

The seller´s estate agent has duties of honesty and truthfulness to his client, his prime duty is to get the best price and terms for the seller, then you need a buyer´s agent.

We have very good contacts and relationships with financial institutions and banks, therefore, a privileged position to negotiate a mortgage loan for you.

Buyer Personal Contact. 

E-mail makes business faster and simpler today, still, we give a great value to personal contact with our clients. A seller´s estate agent has a commitment with his client and can not open his home door to strangers, thats why buyer´s agent must let him know some information about the buyer. 

After a first introduction we gladly invite you to meet us in our office. Closeness to our clients is very important. We make time for you and give you our complete attention, because only when we are aware of your wishes and needs, we can truly offer added value. You matter to us!. Please bring your identity document with you, any service will require this.

Download: The Oficial guide to buying in Spain



If we do not sell your property we do not charge fees. Sellers usually give their property for sale to several agencies and sign different kind of contracts, even with different prices!. This always ends in a situation of lack of control. Do not reject your right to be represented. Who is your current agent working for? We will be the SELLERS AGENT and will negotiate with the buyers agent or solicitor in order to get you the best possible price and only qualified clients will view your property. 

With MLS Denia Realtor® you sign only one contract and you will have more than 25 agencies working together to sell your property, each with it´s own marketing and advertising. But you will have ONLY ONE interlocutor who will be responsible for the sale. Our shared sales contract is an agreement with which an owner entrusts a real estate agent with the sale of his home and the agent diffuses it to other real estate companies in the local MLS associates, which also commit to placing it at the same price, for a specific time and sharing the fees. This method will cost nothing to the seller and halves the time it takes to sell a house from 8 months to 4 months. 

After performing a comparative market analysis to know the current market value of your home, we design a taylor made online and offline marketing plan for your property. 

It is not about lowering the price to make your home a bargain and sell it quickly. That is not our way of working. We know how to increase the perception of value in the potential buyer so that when he enters your home he says ... WOW! I want it!. 

When a property is put up for sale, it must be understood that it becomes a product to be sold. If you have turned to a professional, you should follow their advice and allow them to prepare the home before making the photo - video report and putting it on the market. Some owners are the biggest obstacle in selling their own home! Keep in mind that the whole world will see the house and it should appear as in a decoration magazine. Result: The buyer percieves more value and will be willing to pay an average of 6% more. This is the way properties are sold today.

As estate lawyers, we will resolve any legal issues so you will not lose buyers, (You can lose a buyer because your documents are not in place and updated).  We arrange the exchange of contracts, manage all money transfers, heritages, tax matters and will assist you in the notary. We will also arrange a mortgage for the buyer if he needs it,

In some cases we must act as a "dual agency".  Thats when both, the seller and the buyer are our clients. Then we are the intermediary between them to ensure both parties are satisfied.

Other services we have are: Home staging, reforms, energy certificates, habitability certificates, electric and water supplies, key holding. 












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