We sell your property in 90 days.

Selling your property

It starts signing an On-market approval. Ask us for information on a MLS shared sale, one contract and 25 agencies will be working for you.

We take care of finding the buyer, viewing control, key holding, energy certificate, habitability certificate, sales contracts, notary, property registration and post-sales procedures like Cadastre and Plusvalia. We are lawyers and solve any issues that may arise (unfortunately, in Spain there is always one).

The reason why a home is not selling, even with the price under market value, is an inadequate marketing or/and a poor presentation. It might be time to reconsider and correct the direction of the plan to sell your home. 

If your property is already for sale don't let it go stale, properties that are exposed in the market for a long time get a bad reputation and sell for less at the end. Buyers always ask how long is the property on sale, the longer on sale, the lower the offer he will make, 


We design a taylor made marketing plan for you property.


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