Multiple Listing Service

Buyers. Do it the easy way. The MLS system is used around the world, they are associations of local estate agents to save you money and time. M.L.S. (multi listing service) is a system based on the philosophy of the American system in which there are two intermediaries: The seller´s agent of that lists the property in the local MLS and the buyer´s agent which works exclusively for the buyer, so each one defends the interests of his client.

If you are a buyer you do not have to visit multiple agencies to see if they got what you are looking for. Choose a local MLS Denia Realtor®.agency and you will have all properties on sale in one place. They will arrange all viewings for you with any other agency or builder. This service has no cost for you.

Sellers also look for several agencies to sell their property and sign all kind of different documents and sometimes even with different prices. This always ends in a situation of lack of control. Signing a document giving permission to show your house is not hiring an agent. Who will have keys for viewings?. Who is responsable for the sale? Nobody. These agents will not make a great effort or investment in marketing actions and advertising if they know that another agency may be lucky and sell it first, they know that they will not recover their investment. Nobody works for nothing. This does not happens in a MLS.

Without an MLS shared contract agents do not show in their advertising the exact location of your property, so they do not give clues to the competitors or buyers, and the location is the most important thing for a buyer! This makes selling a house very hard.

A service of priority and preference at your disposal. Why not signing a MLS shared sales contract? 

Benefits: You will have a single interlocutor. One key holder. One agent (the listing agent) will acquire the commitment and responsibility to sell your property with the help of 25 associated agencies (and growing). You get a made to measure marketing plan for your property. Our solicitors will assist you in the notary in your own language.

MLS Denia, Realtor®.multiplies by 25 the chances of success!

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